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9 Which is when one of the TV reporters asks him, "Any comments, Judge?"
10 Then the judge straightens up,
11 And kind of blinks,
12 And says, "I think I've just given a life sentence to the single most dangerous crime kingpin in the country."
13 "That must make you feel pretty good," the reporter says back, very friendly,
14 Which is when the Judge says, "What are you? Some kind of a ____ing idiot?"

1 And there's hardly any footage at all of Harry escaping from prison,
2 Although the prison cameras got a shot of the back of his head as he was leaving,
3 With about thirty-five Angels,
4 Who all had automatic weapons,
5 And boat hooks for breaking the camera lenses,
6 Except that they didn't break the lenses in the waiting room,
7 aWhere the Learjet twins were waiting,
8 Because somebody had to tell the followers what happened,
9 If they should try to visit Harry.

1 For a long time, nobody had any idea where Harry was during the week after he escaped from prison,
2 Before he left for Rio,
3 And nobody knows for sure to this day,
4 Except that there is some footage from a TV station in Rochester,
5 Which was bMarisa's hometown,
6 And the place they buried her,
7 After someone brought her back to her parents,
8 In a black cLearjet with no markings of any kind.
9 And so the TV camera crew went to the gravesite,
10 And there was someone there who could have been Harry,
11 Except that he was dressed all in black,
12 And his beard was so thick it's impossible to say who it was for sure,
13 Although when the funeral was over,
14 The man in the black coat threw a burlap bag into the grave with Marisa's coffin,
15 And a nosy reporter shoved a microphone in the man's face to ask, "What's in the bag?"
16 For a moment the man looked like he would turn away without answering,
17 But some people can't resist a camera,
18 And so after a few seconds he answered the reporter's question, saying, "Nothing that will do her any good."
19 "But what's in the bag?" the reporter asked again.
20 "Heartsd," said the man. "I had a few extra ones I didn't need anymore."

1 The very last footage of Harry is the tape he sent to all his followers later on,
2 From Rio,